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Tyseley Metal Recycling

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Tyseley Metal Recycling

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ISL Waste specialise in efficient, flexible and environmentally sound waste management solutions.

This page is dedicated to our Hooklift & Roll On Roll Off waste collection service.
Please read on if you are looking for hooklift service in Birmingham. The ISL Hooklift Service


The ISL Hooklift Service is suitable for:
1. Construction, Industrial and commercial solid waste.

2. Large volume, non compactable, bulky waste

3. Large compactor containers and the larger portable compaction machines


The Hooklift Containers have fully opening rear doors for ease of loading by hand or machine.


The collection is flexible and can either be delivered on the same day or scheduled, ensuring a quick and efficient response to any waste collection request in the Birmingham area.


The disposal and transportation of your waste is safe, environmentally responsible and fully compliant to legislation.


The ISL Team are highly qualified and committed to satisfying customer needs with total consideration for the environment.


ISL Compaction System

The ISL Compaction System is designed with the environment in mind.
The system efficiently compacts and bales waste materials into recyclable waste, helping to reduce waste disposal costs whilst still operating under environmental policies.


Let us handle the rubbish
A reliable and quality service - Benefit from:


  • Cost efficiency
  • Control of collection
  • Fully qualified operatives
  • Loyal partnership approach
  • Environmental peace of mind
  • Full, compliant documentation trail
  • Waste management program
  • Metal (100% customer return)



The ISL Hooklift Container


Hooklift Containers are available from 15 cu yd (11.5m3) to 40 cu yd (30m3) capacity with a maximum carrying weight of 16 tonnes.


ISL's Waste Management Service operates in and around Birmingham with full compliance from the Environmental Protection Act and hold COTC and WAMITAB status.


Tyseley Metal RecyclingHooklift Containers Available:

35yd Compactor Container
35yd OpenContainer
25yd Open Container
20yd Open Container
15yd Open Container